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Laminate flooring comprises of four layers of material that creates durable and attractive floors. These layers are:

First layer - Being the Protective top layer, it is a transparent wear and scratch resistant surface layer.
Second layer – Design layer, is a photographic image of various patterns and designs that capture the look of hardwood.
Third layer – High Density Fibreboard (HDF), this provides stability and moisture resistance.
Fourth layer – Balancing layer, ensures the stability of each panel and also acts as a moisture barrier.

Laminate floors are durable, hygienic, environmentally friendly, highly scratch resistant and easy to maintain.


FINFLOOR / INOVAR FLOOR are the laminate floor brands that Unique Floors use.

FINFLOOR is a wood based “decorative laminate” flooring system that is made by combining the best properties of natural wood and synthetics. These laminate floors are environmentally friendly and the HDF used is E1 rated, it does not emit any toxic fumes on combustion as well as being biodegradable.



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